Best Mobility Scooters for Summer 2023

In this article we look at the best mobility scooters for Summer 2023. We have selected a winner for each of the following 6 categories: best for airplane travel, best for lifting into a car boot, best for a car hoist, best for lightweight comfort, best for mid-range distances and best long range option.
All of these mobility scooters and many more are stocked at A6 Mobility Shop Stockport. Visit our showroom along the A6 in Stockport to try these mobility scooters for yourself. 

Best Mobility Scooter for Airplane Travel  

If you’re looking to take your mobility scooter abroad, the eFOLDi Lite fits the criteria perfectly. This lightweight option folds down to the size of a small pull along suitcase. Weighing in at just 15kg and featuring an airline safe lithium battery, the eFOLDi Lite is portable enough for most holiday needs. Whilst there are more comfortable options, the eFOLDi Lite is among the most compact and lightest available. Find out more about eFOLDi.

eFoldi Lite - Best Mobility Scooter for travel


Best Mobility Scooter for Lifting into a Car Boot 

The Monarch Air hasn’t been around for very long but has quickly become one of our favourites. This is the lightest 4 wheel mobility scooter in the world thanks to its magnesium alloy frame and lithium battery pack. The Monarch Air folds flat, rather than in a suitcase style. This means it is really easy to fold and perfect for fitting into a car boot. Whilst the standard option offers around 8 miles per charge, you can upgrade to a larger battery to double the range. Find out more about the Monarch Air.

Best Mobility Scooter Monarch Air

Best Mobility Scooter for a Car Hoist

If you’re using a car hoist the weight of the scooter is usually not a consideration. After all, the hoist is doing the lifting! The Drive Devilbiss Autofold Elite is a great choice if you’re using a hoist. This model is small enough to take up minimal boot space but packed with features to ensure the driver’s comfort. Integrated suspension takes the edge off uneven pavements whilst a full size seat offers more comfort than other folding models. Best of all, the Drive Devilbiss Autofold Elite folds and unfolds at the touch of a button making it a hassle-free option. Find out more about what to consider when buying a folding mobility scooter.

Autofold Elite for car boot


Best Mobility Scooter for Lightweight Comfort 

The Pride Alumalite range has been around for a couple of years but the Alumalite Plus 30AH was only introduced more recently. This mobility scooter disassembles into 4 main pieces for fitting into a car boot and is easy build back up. Compared to any single piece folding mobility scooter, the Alumalite Plus is significantly more comfortable. The shaped padded seat and integrated suspension ensure the driver doesn’t feel every small bump or jolt. This 30Ah version has a tremendously long travel range. You can expect to get a whopping 25 miles per charge from this battery pack (impressive for a boot scooter!).

Pride Alumualite Mobility Scooter 2023

Best Mobility Scooter for Mid-Range Distances 

Pride have only just released the new version of their popular Colt range – the Pride Colt Sport 2. This compact class 3 scooter is an upgraded on version 1, now featuring a suspension seat post, wide tiller with LED display, frosted LED running lights and a selection of new paintwork options. The pick of the bunch is the matt black which looks stylish and sophisticated. The Pride Colt Sport 2 is extremely comfortable thanks to its thickly padded seat, integrated suspension and the addition of the new suspension seat post. This mobility scooter tackles uneven pavements with ease, travelling around 20 miles per full charge. Find out more about the Pride Colt Sport 2.

Best Long Range Mobility Scooter Option  

If you’re using your mobility scooter for over 25 miles per charge, you want to travel in comfort and style. For this category we’ve opted for the TGA Vita S. This is one of our all time favourites thanks to its sporty looks and impressive performance. This premium large class 3 scooter has a supportive adjustable Captain’s seat, LED lighting package, all round suspension and clear digital display. Red accents on the seat and suspension mean that the TGA Vita S looks as good as it performs.


All of these mobility scooters and many more are stocked at A6 Mobility Shop Stockport. Visit our showroom along the A6 in Stockport to try these mobility scooters for yourself. 

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