Monarch Air Mobility Scooter Review

Monarch Air Mobility Scooter Review   

We often get asked… ‘What is the lightest mobility scooter?’ Is it the eFOLDi Lite? Pride Alumalite? Maybe it’s the Monarch Air… 

RRP: £2,295 

We are delighted to be among the first retailers to get our hands on the Monarch Air mobility scooter.

At A6 Mobility Shop in Stockport, we are always on the lookout for innovative new mobility scooters. When we came across the Monarch Air at a trade show earlier this year, we made sure we were among the first to pre order ahead of its release. After a few months wait, we’ve taken our first delivery. On first impressions, the scooter doesn’t disappoint. It looks fantastic! The glossy white colourway is especially eye catching whilst the grey and blue options are smart and understated.

This is probably the lightest single piece mobility scooter we’ve seen. It is certainly the lightest 4 wheel option to date. By single piece, we mean that the motor and seat are integrated so can’t be removed (this scooter doesn’t disassemble but folds down on itself in one liftable piece).

Weighing in at around 15kg, the Air is ultralightweight and portable. The 10AH lithium battery pack and magnesium alloy frame ensure there’s no excess weight. Meanwhile, 4 wheels ensure stability and balance which many customers prefer over 3 wheel alternatives. The Air also has impressive ground clearance thanks to its 8″ puncture proof wheels. 

As with most lightweight mobility scooters, there are compromises to keep the weight down. For example, the Monarch Air has a range of approximately 7.5 miles as standard. As a comparison, the standard Pride Alumalite offers around 12 miles. You can however upgrade to a larger battery for the Air which offers a range of around 20 miles. There is no integrated suspension (like you’ll find on the eFOLDi Lite) which can make the ride feel a little firm over bumps but the seat is surprisingly comfortable and should be fine for most people. The seat is in a fixed seat position but the tiller does adjust which helps the driver get comfortable. 


How Does the Air Compare?

Monarch Air vs eFOLDi Lite

These mobility scooters have one fundamental difference: the eFOLDi Lite has been purposefully created to fold up like a suitcase whilst the Monarch Air folds flat. They weigh roughly the same, although we’ve found that the shape of the Air is actually easier to lift into a car boot. We would however stick to the eFOLDi for aeroplanes, trains and smaller car boots. The eFOLDi is more comfortable over bumpy ground with its under seat suspension but the Air is more balanced thanks to its 4 wheel design. The Air is much easier to fold and unfold. 


Monarch Air vs Pride Alumalite

Both of these scooters have 4 wheels, a lithium battery pack and lightweight frame. Whilst the Air folds down into a compact size, the Alumalite needs to be disassembled into 4 main pieces for transportation. The Alumalite feels sturdier and has a longer travel range – you can also get integrated suspension on the Alumalite ‘Plus’ model. Between the two, the Alumalite is more comfortable and has better performance, but the Air is simpler to fold down and takes up less boot space.


Is the Monarch Air a Good Mobility Scooter? 

Yes! The Monarch Air is perfect for easy lifting in and out of a car boot and looks superb. With no suspension, it is mostly suited to flat surfaces such as shopping centres, supermarkets and flat pavements. The maximum standard range of around 7.5 miles is plenty for most short trips, especially considering that the lithium battery pack recharges fairly quickly. A larger battery is available as an upgrade for those that need a longer travel range. It’s also worth noting that ‘lightweight’ doesn’t mean a compromise on build quality from Monarch. The Air feels sturdy, resilient and safe. 


Features and Specifications

  • Weighs around 15kg
  • Max speed: 4mph
  • Max user weight: 19.7 stone / 125kg
  • 10AH lithium lightweight battery pack as standard 
  • Larger battery upgrades available 
  • Sturdy magnesium alloy frame and wheels
  • 8” solid puncture proof wheels 
  • Removable battery pack for off board charging 
  • Easily folds down for transportation 

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