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Quality riser recliner chairs from your mobility specialists in Greater Manchester

Enjoy unmatched comfort and support with our range of riser recliner chairs at A6 Mobility Shop, Stockport, Greater Manchester. Whether you’re looking for single, dual, or full-specification models, trust in our expertise as your go-to mobility equipment supplier since 1992.

Looking for a quality riser recliner chair near you? A6 Mobility Shop are your South Manchester specialists, offering a wide range of electric recliner chairs. From elegant leather recliner chairs, British made tailored recliner chairs or budget friendly options, we have a model for every need, preference and price point. 


We generally offer 2 options: premium British made chairs and budget-friendly options…
Our higher end premium-quality mobility chairs are handmade in Britain. These chairs can be fully customised for long lasting comfort, support and durability. You can also add further features such as heated seat, massage function and electronic lumbar support.

Meanwhile our budget-friendly riser recliners don’t skimp on comfort, ensuring everyone finds the perfect riser recliner chair to put their feet up.


Pride riser recliner chair

Pride T-Back Single Motor Riser Recliner Chair

  • Popular choice from a trusted, quality brand
  • Smooth incline and recline mechanism
  • Available in Fresh (cream), Fawn (mid-brown) and Latte (darker brown) 
  • Price includes local delivery and set-up 



riser recliner chair

Mellow Leather Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair

  • Available in stylish brown, burgundy, cream, or black leather 
  • Choose from a single-motor or dual-motor mechanism
  • Durable dual-motor operation allows the footrest and chair back to move independently 
  • Genuine leather upholstery 
  • Price includes local delivery and set-up 




Pride Premier

Pride Premier Riser Recliner Chairs

  • British-made, premium-quality chairs 
  • 5-year warranty on mechanism and electronics 
  • Dozens of high-quality fabric and leather styles available 
  • Choose from 3 back styles 
  • Electronic lumbar support and headrest available 
  • Petite, compact, standard, and grande sizes 
  • Various stocked models for immediate delivery or custom made-to-order options
  • Price includes local delivery and set-up



Build Your Custom Riser Recliner Chair In 5 Easy Steps...

Choose Riser Recliners

Step 1: Choose Your Armrest Style

We think that your riser recliner chair should look as good as it feels to sit in. Therefore choosing the perfect armrest shape for your riser recliner chair is about blending style with function. A narrow armrest may be easier to grip or a firmer design may lend that extra support when rising.

We’ve got you covered with functional and stylish riser recliner chairs for the elderly, younger people and everyone in between! 

Delve into our diverse selection of four distinctive armrest styles: the elegant half scroll, the intricate swirl, the sleek straight design, or the classic wooden knuckles available in rich mahogany or warm teak. 

Choose recliner back

Step 2: Choose Your Back Cushions

There are four back cushion styles to choose from, each tailored to your unique comfort, support, and aesthetic needs:

  1. Letterbox (left)

With a minimalist charm, the Letterbox design is our flattest style. It features two layers of precise stitching to ensure the cushion retains its shape over time. 

  1. Waterfall (centre)

This is a customer favourite – and for good reason. The Waterfall design showcases three individual cushions, granting you greater flexibility and adjustment to find the perfect support.

  1. Lateral (right)

With its distinctive side support cushions, the Lateral style cradles your lower back, promoting an ergonomically comfortable posture.

  1. Horizon (not shown)

The Horizon back style is a versatile option. It features a pair of cushions with a strategic horizontal break in the lower back region, offering a blend of support and adaptability.

Step 3: Choose Your Motor Mechanism

All our riser recliner chairs transition from a reclined horizontal position to standing position, but their individual functionalities offer varying degrees of customisation. Let’s help you find the perfect mechanism:

  1. Single-motor chairs

With one motor controlling the leg rest and backrest in tandem, these chairs are usually the least expensive options, offering great value.

However, be aware that because the back and leg rests move together, it is impossible to move one without the other. A single motor chair does not allow the user to sit upright with the leg rest up or vice versa. This means they might limit certain seating preferences — a factor to consider if you enjoy extended reading or TV sessions.

  1. Dual-motor chairs

Having two separate motors offers much more variation in seating position. The back- and leg rests are operated using different buttons, and the two motors work independently of each other. This allows users to adjust their seating to find the perfect position.

Although dual-motor riser recliner chairs can be a little more costly, they offer more seating flexibility. Their improved adaptability often translates to unmatched comfort, making them a favoured choice for many.

  1. Premier mechanism chairs

Our premier electric recliner armchairs have a dual motor operation and several other impressive features as standard. Enjoy the convenience and comfort of electronically adjustable lumbar support and head cushions. These features are ideal for people who spend long periods in their chairs or have specific comfort needs. 

  1. Premier Plus mechanism chairs

We are proud to now supply premier plus mechanism chairs — the pinnacle of luxury seating. Harnessing all the premier features, this mechanism boasts two heat settings for added warmth and dual memory settings for personalised recline positions. This chair also gives you exclusive access to a choice of new modern luxury herringbone fabrics with subtle interwoven flecks of golden, violet, and lime-green threads. Of course, our full upholstery range is available for this chair too!


Step 4: Choose your Chair Size

At A6 Mobility Shop, we understand that comfort is personal. That’s why our riser recliner chairs come in four preset sizes: petite, compact, standard, and grande. For any unique requirements we also offer fully customisable sizes where each dimension of the chair can be personalised. Whether you’re looking for small recliner chairs UK style or something more generous, we have the ideal size for everyone.

Navigating choices can be daunting, but you’re not alone. Speak to our trained and dedicated staff, who are happy to offer invaluable advice to ensure you settle into the chair size that best compliments your needs. Take the stress out of making a selection, and let’s find your perfect fit together.

riser recliner upholstery

Step 5: Choose Your Upholstery

Whilst riser recliner chairs have to be functional, we don’t think style should be compromised. Elevate your interiors with our exquisite upholstery options. From plush fabric recliner chairs that add warmth to your room to sleek leather recliners exuding timeless elegance. With a full range of colours from understated black to zesty orange or the modern allure of recliner chairs in grey — we’ve got it all.

Our extensive palette doesn’t just end there. Explore vibrant colours, high-quality fabrics, anti-microbial leatherettes, and genuine leathers, all curated to your taste.

Looking for a seamless blend with your existing living room wingback chair or sofa? Or perhaps you’re eager to make a bold statement with a standout piece? Whatever your aesthetic, we’ve got the perfect upholstery for you.

Visit our Greater Manchester showroom and immerse yourself in our most sought-after colour combinations. Browse hundreds more from our swatch books for almost endless possibilities. 

Five reasons to choose A6 Mobility Shop for Manchester Riser Recliner Chairs

Serving as the go-to mobility specialist in Greater Manchester since 1992, our reputation is built on years of unparalleled service and expertise.

We offer a collection of quality riser recliner chairs. Choose the simplicity of a single motor, the adaptability of a dual motor, or luxury advanced features.

Not only do we offer fantastic prices, but we also stand by our promise – if you find a genuine quote cheaper elsewhere, we'll not just match it but beat it!

Benefit from our free local delivery, and our expert team will also ensure your chair is fully set up and ready for you to relax in.

If you encounter any hitches, our dedicated team is on standby. Warranty call-outs, repairs, or servicing? We usually respond and address issues in 3 working days or less.

What should I look for in a riser recliner chair?
It’s important to choose the right riser recliner chair for your needs. We don’t recommend choosing your riser recliner chair online based on photos and jargon. We think you need to try out the chairs for yourself, sit in them before making a decision to find which are most comfortable for you. 

That's why we encourage you to visit our showroom and try out some of the best reclining chairs in the UK. We will help you find the right size, specification, motor mechanism and style as we guide you on what you should look for in a comfortable riser recliner chair.

Riser Recliner Chair FAQs

If you opt for one of our in-stock mobility recliner chairs, we can usually deliver it within just two working days.

The wait is slightly longer for our tailored riser reclining chairs as they are made to order. Should you choose a popular mechanism/colour/back style combination that we don’t have in stock, you can anticipate your chair’s arrival within about two weeks, which is extremely quick for custom-made furniture. 

However, truly bespoke riser recliner chairs in the UK, such as unique upholstery choices, will take a bit more time – usually between 3-8 weeks. Whilst this is still very quick for custom furniture, we appreciate your patience as we work diligently to ensure your chair meets our impeccable standards of quality and comfort.

Cheap riser recliner chairs we have in stock can start from £499. 

The cost of a custom chair depends on the combination you’ve chosen. Here are a few examples as a guideline:

  1. Oatmeal light brown upholstery, single-motor mechanism, stock compact size, entry-level, 12-month warranty: £529 
  2. Fawn light brown upholstery, single-motor mechanism, stock standard size, quality chair, 12-month warranty: £629
  3. Grey fabric upholstery, dual-motor mechanism, straight arms, standard size, waterfall back, British-made, 5-year warranty: £999
  4. Praline fabric upholstery, premier mechanism, curved arms, grande size, lateral support back, UK-made, 5-year warranty: £1,299
  5. Brown leather upholstery, premier mechanism, curved arms, standard size, waterfall back, British-made, 5-year warranty: £1,599 
  6. Herringbone pebble luxury fabric upholstery, premier plus mechanism (incl. heated seat), half scroll arms, standard size, horizon back, UK-made, 5-year warranty: £1,499 

All of our British made reclining chairs at our Stockport showroom come with a 5-year warranty on both the mechanism and electronics, attesting to their robust build and performance. Our fabrics undergo a stringent 50,000+ rub test, ensuring your chair — be it leather riser recliner chairs or other materials — withstands the test of time in both durability and style. Please note that some chairs in our selection might come with varying warranty periods, with a base starting from 12 months.

For our great riser recliner chair offers, see our Showroom Deals page.
For the most up-to-date information on some of the best recliner chairs in the UK, visit the A6 Mobility Shop showroom in Stockport, Greater Manchester.