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With so many variations of wheelchairs and powerchairs available, it can be hard to identify which product is most suitable for yourself or your loved one. Thankfully, our staff at A6 Mobility Shop in Stockport near Manchester and Cheshire are knowledgeable about both traditional wheelchairs and powered alternatives to offer advice.


How to choose a Wheelchair

Here are key factors to consider when buying a manual wheelchair

Type of Manual Wheelchair: Self-Propelled vs Transit

Do you prefer to be in control and move independently, or do you anticipate being pushed most of the time? Self-propelled wheelchairs come with larger wheels, enabling the user to move autonomously. In contrast, transit wheelchairs have smaller wheels designed to be pushed by another person.

Weight & Portability

Transport and storage are crucial. If the wheelchair needs frequent lifting, perhaps into a car boot or up some steps, opting for a lightweight model will ease the process.

Durability & Quality

Longevity: While budget-friendly options might seem attractive, cheaper wheelchairs tend not to offer the longevity and robustness of a higher-end model. Investing in quality means much fewer replacements in the long run.

Comfort: A well-constructed wheelchair provides better ergonomic support and cushioning, ensuring the user’s comfort during extended periods of use.

Availability of spare parts: Renowned manufacturers of higher quality wheelchairs usually have spare parts readily available, making repairs more manageable and ensuring the wheelchair’s longevity.

Adjustability & Customisation

Consider whether the wheelchair can adapt to changing needs. Features like adjustable armrests, footrests, and backrests can make a world of difference in terms of comfort and utility.

Current A6 Mobility Shop Stockport Wheelchair Showroom Deals

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Karma Ergolite Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair


  • Ultra lightweight transit wheelchair
  • Weighs just 8.5kg 
  • Folds to compact size 
  • Foldable backrest and frame 
  • Pressure relieving seat system 
  • Push and pull handle brakes 
  • Anti microbial seat design 
  • Sturdy aluminium frame 



Pride Powerchair Stockport Manchester

Pride Go Chair


  • Quality, versatile powerchair
  • Compact design 
  • Disassembles to fit into a car boot 
  • New and ex demo versions also available in store


RRP: £2,195



wheelchair showroom stockport manchester

Over 25 wheelchairs and powerchairs in stock 

  • Various self-propel and transit wheelchairs in stock 
  • Great selection of new, ex-demo, and refurbished powerchairs 
  • Experienced stockist of Karma, Pride, Roma, Days, and many more
  • Qualified in-house engineers service and repair wheelchairs in the Manchester area
  • Portable ramps also available

Choosing Between Traditional and Powered Wheelchairs

When you’re looking to buy a wheelchair, one fundamental decision is choosing between traditional and powered options. Traditional wheelchairs, typically manually operated, offer the simplicity of design and might be preferred for users who desire a more hands-on mobility approach or those who require a backup wheelchair to store easily.


On the other hand, powered or electric wheelchairs, from manufacturers such as Pride Mobility, Quantum Powerchair, Monarch, or Karma wheelchairs, cater to those who seek comfort and longer distance coverage without fatigue, often available with advanced features. For instance, some powered models serve as an off-roading wheelchair, expanding the horizons of mobility and enabling users to navigate challenging terrains easily. 


Ultimately, the best choice hinges on individual needs, lifestyle, and the environments they frequent.

How much do Powerchairs cost?

Powerchairs vary drastically in price. This is mostly affected by the functionality of the powerchair and the quality of the manufacturer. For example, top-end powerchairs have longer travel ranges and features, such as seat elevation or an automatic folding mechanism for storage and transport. Whilst a decent budget-friendly reliable model may cost around £1,500, a premium quality high end option packed with features can exceed £10,000. We estimate that the average new powerchair costs less than £2,500. 

For more information, explore our website, contact us, or visit our store in Manchester. We also have traditional and electric wheelchairs on sale. Head to our Showroom Deals for details.

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