Are Aluminium Mobility Scooters Better?


Why choose and aluminium mobility scooter?  


Over the past year or so we’ve seen the introduction of aluminium mobility scooters, rather than steel. So why choose an aluminium mobility scooter? Will all mobility scooters be made from aluminium in the future? 


Mobility scooters have historically been made from steel. Steel framed scooters have stood the test of time with their strength and durability. However, we’re seeing an increasing number of manufacturers move to aluminium for their latest model releases.  

The main reason for the switch to aluminium is weight. Scooters made of aluminium are considerably lighter than steel alternatives. This is especially useful for lifting a mobility scooter into the car boot.  

For example, the total weight of a steel boot scooter (without batteries) is around 6 stone / 38kg. An aluminium mobility scooter of a similar size weighs 4.5 stone / 28.5kg. A significant weight reduction of 25%.  

Of course, most boot scooters break down into more manageable pieces so they don’t have to be picked up all at once. The heaviest piece of an average sized steel boot scooter is around 2.5 stone / 16kg stone whilst the heaviest piece of an aluminium model would be approximately 1.7 stone / 11kg stone. 


Are aluminium mobility scooters more expensive?  

In short, yes. Aluminium mobility scooters are more expensive than steel. However, this isn’t just because of the metal used. Many aluminium scooters are paired with lightweight lithium batteries rather than heavier lead acid batteries. The difference in battery cost significantly contributes to the price difference between steel and aluminium scooters.   


Will all scooters be made from aluminium in the future?  

Whilst it makes sense to manufacture boot scooters in lighter metal, large scooters aren’t designed to be picked up so don’t need a reduction in weight. We expect non-folding scooters and scooters that don’t disassemble to continue to be made from steel.  

We’re sure that more and more scooters will be made from aluminium, but we also predict that steel scooters will continue to be made as a less costly and more affordable option.   

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