Pride GoGo Mg Mobility Scooter Review

Pride GoGo Mg

A6 Mobility Shop are thrilled to be among the first retailers to release the brand new Pride GoGo Mg. Meeting the demand for lighter single piece mobility scooters, Pride have created this new model weighing under 15kg – wow! The Mg is the latest addition to Pride’s popular ‘GoGo’ range. This is Pride’s collection of […]

What Is a Boot Scooter?

what is a boot scooter

Are you looking for a portable, convenient, and compact mobility solution that still offers the freedom of independent travel that mobility scooters provide? A boot scooter might be just what you need. But what exactly is a boot scooter, and what does it have to offer? This handy guide will explore their features, benefits, types, […]

Drive DeVilbiss AstroLite Mobility Scooter Review

Drive DeVilbiss Astrolite

At A6 Mobility Shop, we’re always thrilled to see advancements in mobility scooter technology. That’s why we’re particularly excited to be reviewing the Drive DeVilbiss AstroLite, the lightest scooter in the Drive line up at time of writing.  The Astrolite is one of our favourite ‘boot scooters’. In our opinion, this mobility scooter has best […]

Pride GoGo E Mobility Scooter Review

Pride GoGo E

Mobility scooters give those with mobility restrictions the gift of freedom and independence. Yet, for many, these scooters come with a premium price tag that is simply out of reach. That’s why we’re especially excited about Pride Mobility’s GoGo E travel scooter. It’s changing the mobility game by making urban adventures a reality to a […]

Pride Pursuit 2.0 Mobility Scooter Review

Pride Pursuit 2.0 mobility scooter review

At A6 Mobility Shop Stockport, we’ve been an authorised Pride Mobility retailer for over 20 years and we’re always among the first to get our hands on new Pride products. As you can imagine, we’re extremely excited to be reviewing one of the brand’s top new mobility scooters: The Pride Pursuit 2.  This mobility scooter […]

Pride Colt Executive Mobility Scooter Review

Pride Colt Executive Mobility Scooter Review

At A6 Mobility Shop Stockport, we offer a wide selection of mobility equipment to suit all kinds of needs. We understand the importance of the right mobility solution to enhance your independence and quality of life, so we’re passionate about helping you make the right choice. As an authorised stockist of Pride Mobility products in […]

Komfi Rider Marlin Mobility Scooter Review

Komfi-Rider Marlin Mobility Scooter Review

Navigating daily life should be as easy and comfortable as possible, which is why the A6 Mobility Shop team believes wholeheartedly in the value of mobility scooters. It’s our job to help you find a solution that works best for your needs and lifestyle. The Komfi Rider Marlin mobility scooter is a unique blend of […]

Reasons to Buy a Second-Hand Mobility Scooter

second hand mobility scooters

Mobility limitations shouldn’t stop you from living life to the fullest. A mobility scooter can restore your independence, but the cost of a new one can be a major obstacle. But what if there was a way to get the mobility you need without breaking the bank?    Buying a used mobility scooter is the […]

Pride GoGo Elite Traveller 2 Review

Pride GoGo Elite Traveller 2 Review

Introducing a brand new version of the popular Pride GoGo – this is the Pride GoGo Elite Traveller 2. The original Elite Traveller mobility scooter became a customer favourite because of its reliability and easy disassembly to fit in a car boot. In this review, we find out what’s new about the updated model and […]

Komfi Rider Mirage Mobility Scooter Review

Komfi Rider Mirage Review

Just in time for Summer, A6 Mobility Shop are delighted to be among the first retailers to release the brand-new Komfi Rider Mirage mobility scooter. The Mirage is a flat-folding, ultra-lightweight model. Weighing in under 15kg, this portable mobility scooter is light enough for most people to lift in and out of the car boot.  […]