Stockport Folding Mobility Scooters

Stockport Folding Mobility Scooters 

Over the past few years we’ve seen a huge rise in demand for folding mobility scooters. Either manually folding or electronically folding at the touch of a button, these mobility scooters are a great option for travel, day-to-day- life and compact storage. In this article we’re going to look at what to keep an eye out for and what to avoid when purchasing a folding mobility scooter.

At A6 Mobility Shop, we have tried most folding scooter models in the UK so we know which models offer the best combination of weight, comfort, travel range and quality. 

To see our latest Stockport folding mobility scooters, visit our showroom or see a selection of products on our Showroom Deals page. 


What to look out for…  

Is the folding mobility scooter easy to lift? Unlike traditional boot scooters that disassemble into 5 manageable pieces, a folding mobility scooter usually has to be lifted in a single piece (or perhaps 2 pieces if the seat is removable). This means that some folding mobility scooters can be too heavy to lift for many people. Weight isn’t the only consideration; the shape and handle placement of some scooter models can make them awkward to lift. We always recommend visiting a mobility shop to see the scooter in person.

Is the scooter comfortable? To keep the weight down, many folding mobility scooters are built with a stripped down approach. This means they often don’t have a comfortable seat and can feel ‘bumpy’ to the person using the scooter. Again, we recommend trying the scooter for yourself and riding it over uneven ground to see if it’s comfortable for you.

Does the scooter have 3 or 4 wheels? Simply put, 4 wheel scooters are much more stable than 3 wheelers, especially when turning corners or going up/down curbs. 3 wheel options may look sportier than the 4 wheel alternatives, but we usually recommend opting for a stable and reliable 4 wheel folding mobility scooter. There are a couple of exceptions to this but for the most part 4 wheels are better.

Is the mobility scooter manufactured by an established company? Whilst this doesn’t affect most people initially, choosing an established scooter manufacturer will affect most scooter buyers in the long term. Established manufacturers are certain to provide replacement parts for your mobility scooter, whereas ‘pop up’ or new manufacturers may not be able to supply parts. If they can supply parts it is often with delay and they may not have partners in your area to attend to the repair. The seller is obliged to offer repair or replacement within the warranty period (usually 12 months) but after this time the buyer may be left stranded if something goes wrong. This has huge implications; whilst a mobility scooter from an unknown manufacturer may seem like a bargain at the time of purchase, a simple part replacement in the future could make the scooter unusable and worthless.

Should I buy online or from a mobility shop? With so many pop ups and online adverts for folding mobility scooters, it’s easy to see why people do purchase online. However, we see so many customers hoping to part exchange a relatively new online bought scooter with us because what they purchased doesn’t suit their needs. We recommend visiting a trusted mobility shop for your mobility scooter purchase where you can try the scooters for yourself and make the best decision. The main benefit of choosing a supplier near where you live is the call out times. For example, At A6 Mobility Shop Stockport we usually attend to any engineering call outs or warranty issues the next working day. Many nationwide chains and online companies take weeks to attend or ask you to post the equipment back to them which can be awkward and difficult. 


Folding Mobility Scooters At A6 Mobility Shop Stockport 

At A6 Mobility Shop we stock a variety of folding mobility scooter models that we believe offer quality, value and practicality. Having tried most folding scooters available in the UK, we are able to advise on which ones are most suitable and which ones to avoid. For more information, visit our showoom in Stockport or call us on 0161 429 6000. 


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