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Handmade in Nottinghamshire, our premium quality riser recliner chairs are thoughtfully designed to provide comfort and longevity. As with all things, you get what you pay for. The same is absolutely true with riser recliner chairs. We’re so sure about the high standard of our chairs that we provide a 5 year warranty on the mechanism and electronics where as comparable manufacturers offer just 12 months. 

This handy 5 point checklist makes configuring your riser recliner chair very easy. Choose your favourite combination of armrest style, back cushions, mechanism, chair size and upholstery – simple! 

We always recommend trying chairs for yourself before buying. Ordering the wrong chair could be detrimental to your health so it is important to find the most suitable chair for your requirements. Visit our showroom, A6 Mobility Shop Stockport, to see our chairs for yourself, browse our upholstery swatch books and try out the different sizes and back styles. 


Step 1: Choose Your Armrest Style 

The shape of the armrest you choose is both a style and function preference. For example, you may find a narrower armrest easier to grip or a firmer one may be more supportive to lean on when standing up. 

We offer 4 armrest styles including 2 swirls, a straight design and wooden knuckles in either mahogony or teak. 

Step 2: Choose Your Back Cushions  

There are 3 back cushion styles to choose from: 

1) Letterbox: This style is the flattest and features 2 layers of stitching to maintain the shape of the back. 

2) Waterfall: The most popular choice, a waterfall back features 3 seperate cushions allowing for more adjustment. 

3) Lateral: Side support cushions support the lower back and help maintain a comfortable posture. 


Step 3: Choose Your Motor Mechanism 

All riser recliner chairs both rise up to a standing position and recline into a horizontal position. However, they do have different functions. 

Single motor chairs have just 1 motor that operates the leg rest and back rest together. These are usually the least expensive option. However, be aware that, because the back and leg rest move together, it is impossible to move one without the other. A single motor chair does not allow the user to sit upright with the leg rest up or visa versa. This means seating positions are limited and sometimes uncomfortable for watching TV, reading a book, etc. 

Dual motor chairs offer much more variation in seating position. The back and leg rest are operated using different buttons and the 2 motors work independently of each other so the user can adjust their seating to find the perfect position. Although dual motor riser recliner chairs can be a little more costly, they are usually endlessly more comfortable than a single motor alternative. 

Premier mechanism chairs have dual motor operation alongside other features. Riser recliner chairs with our premier mechanism feature electronically adjustable lumbar support and electronically adjustable head cushion. These features are ideal for people that spend long periods of time in their chair or people that find it very difficult to get comfortable. 


Step 4: Choose your chair size  

Our riser recliner chairs come in 4 sizes: petite, compact, standard and grande. This means we have a suitable size for everyone. Our trained and qualified staff will take the time to identify which chair size is most suited for you and advise on which option may be most appropriate.


Step 5: Choose Your Upholstery  

We offer dozens of colours and upholstery options in high quality fabrics, anti-microbial leatherettes and genuine leathers. 

Why not choose an upholstery to match your exisiting living room furniture? Or try something completley different that stands out? 

Visit our showroom to see the most popular chair colour combinations and browse hundreds more from our swatch books. 



How long will it take for me to get a chair? 
If you order a chair that we have in stock, we can usually deliver within just 2 working days. 
All other chairs are made to order and therefore have slightly longer lead times, although these are still relatively quick for custom made furniture. If you order a popular mechanism/colour/back style combination that we do not have in stock, these are usually available within 2 weeks. Any custom orders with unique upholstery, for example, normally take 8 weeks to make. 


How much will my chair cost?  
The cost of the chair depends on the combination you’ve chosen. Here are a few examples as a guideline:

  1. Grey fabric upholstery, dual motor mechanism, straight arms, standard size, waterfall back: £999
  2. Praline fabric upholstery, premier mechanism, curved arms, grande size, lateral support back: £1,299
  3. Brown premium leather upholstery, premier mechanism, curved arms, standard size waterfall back: £1,499 


What warranty do the chairs have? 
Our premium quality chairs carry a 5 year mechanism and electronics warranty. The fabrics, have a 50,000 rub test value so you can feel confident that your chair will provide years of comfort and style. 

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