Mobility Scooters With Suspension – Worth It?


Mobility Scooters With Suspension – Is it worth it?


With so many mobility scooter variations and styles available, choosing the right model for you can be confusing.

We think the best place to start is by choosing the features that are important to you. For example, the most common considerations are the scooter’s weight and travel range. However, it’s also important not to overlook the importance of suspension. 


Unfortunately pavements and roads on the UK are not as smooth as we would like. Even small divots and uneven surfaces can cause a mobility scooter to jolt. The answer? Suspension!

Designed to soften the ride and enhance user comfort, mobility scooter suspension comes in 2 variations: 

1) Front and rear classic suspension: This style of suspension features springs between the wheels and main body of the scooter. The springs absorb the shock of bumps along your path to reduce the vibrations.
2) Seat post suspension: Suspension seat posts help absorb jolts and vibrations that may come from under the seat. In some cases, suspension seat posts can be fitted after purchase to improve comfort. Whilst enhanced seat posts are great for seat comfort, they do not help with any jolts that come through the tiller / handlebars.


Examples of mobility scooters with suspension… 


Pride Elite Traveller Sport

With a wide, long wheelbase, the Pride Elite Traveller Sport has been designed to provide comfort over rugged ground. Despite its larger size, this scooter still breaks down into 4 main pieces to fit into a car boot. This scooter features a suspension seat post to absorb jolts and vibrations. 

Pride Colt Pursuit

One of the largest 8mph road legal Pride mobility scooters, the Colt Pursuit has large pneumatic wheels, a powerful motor and all-round suspension. This mobility scooter has been thoughtfully created to provide as much user comfort as possible. 


And lastly… eFOLDi Lite

Endorsed by Sir Richard Branson, eFOLDi are one of the most innovative manufacturers in the industry and A6 Mobility Shop Stockport are the official eFOLDi retailer for Stockport and South Manchester.

Our favourite product in the range has to be the eFOLDi Lite. The eFOLDi Lite folds up to the size of a small suitcase and weighs in at just 15kg. No parts need to be removed to fold the scooter, it simply folds in on itself for ultimate convenience. 

The eFOLDi Lite has a unique suspension system consisting of 4 springs, one under each corner of the seat.


Find out more about eFOLDi.




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