Drive Devilbiss Sport Rider Mobility Scooter


Drive Devilbiss Sport Rider Mobility Scooter 


Inspired by retro motorbike styling, the Drive Devilbiss Sport Rider mobility scooter both looks great and offers superb performance. This eye-catching mobility scooter is now in stock at A6 Mobility Shop Stockport.


The Sport Rider is a luxury mobility scooter with a padded adjustable sport seat and telescopic front motorbike suspension to make sure the driver sits and rides comfortably mile after mile. Cosmetic features such as chrome mud guards, motorbike style wheels and retro style headlight, shroud and rear view mirrors ensure the scooter looks as good as it drives. 

Performance-wise, the Sport Rider has huge 100AH batteries offering up to 31 miles per full charge. The powerful motor is capped at 8mph (the legal top speed for mobility scooters in the UK) which means the scooter is road legal. A switch takes the speed down to 4mph to allow the driver to take their scooter on pavements and in pedestrian areas too. RRP: £4,759




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