Pride Pursuit 2.0 Mobility Scooter Review

At A6 Mobility Shop Stockport, we’ve been an authorised Pride Mobility retailer for over 20 years and we’re always among the first to get our hands on new Pride products. As you can imagine, we’re extremely excited to be reviewing one of the brand’s top new mobility scooters: The Pride Pursuit 2. 

This mobility scooter model is the enhanced successor of the beloved mid/large size class 3 Pride Colt Pursuit, bringing new features and better performance to help you regain your independence in style. Here’s why Pursuit 2 is putting the ‘success’ in ‘successor’.


Style & Design: Mean Machine 

Based on the original Pride Pursuit, this updated version shares many of the same shrouds and styling pieces as its predecessor. The addition of black out wheel rims, stylish new seat with contrast stitching, yellow suspension springs and gnarly tyres ensure the Pursuit 2.0 looks mean and sporty. At the time of writing, this mobility scooter is available in 3 colours including black and grey. However the star of the show (and our favourite) is the eye-catching sunburst yellow which is sure to turn heads. 


Pride Pursuit 2.0 mobility scooter review


Packing a Punch: Perfect Blend of Power and Performance

The Pursuit 2.0 mobility scooter retains the original scooter’s proven rear-wheel-drive sealed transaxle system and boasts a powerful 24-volt DC motor. This means the scooter has plenty of ‘oomph’ so you confidently cruise along regardless of inclines and conditions. 

Your freedom is further enhanced by the Pursuit 2’s robust construction, all-round suspension system, and large pneumatic tyres suitable for varied terrains. Designed for more challenging surroundings, the scooter can handle obstacles with ease.

Pride’s innovative regenerative braking system ensures smooth and reliable stopping power. It also puts power back into the batteries while you brake—guaranteeing optimal energy efficiency to maximise your range. 


Built for the Long-Haul: Battery and Range Upgrades

Bringing the Pursuit 2 up to date, this model has now been fitted with lithium ion batteries which offer a significant improvement on range-per-charge. The double battery version of this mobility scooter can reach a remarkable maximum travel range of 38 miles. 

This longer range makes it suitable for errands, social visits, and appointments, all of which you can do on a single charge.


The Deal-Breaking Duo: Superior Comfort and Safety

If you’re travelling further distances, both safety and comfort are non-negotiable. 


The Pursuit 2 scooter boasts a new-style luxurious, high-back seat with additional cushioning, featuring Pride’s ‘ultra comfort’ design. This Captain’s seat is fully adjustable. This allows you to ride for prolonged periods with optimal support and feel reduced vibrations, ensuring a comfortable experience. This new seat also looks fantastic with its sporty contrast stitching. 

The adjustable delta-style tiller and controls also prioritise accessibility, providing maximum comfort during extended journeys.


Safety is another crucial element that Pride has focused on improving with the Pursuit 2.0. The complete LED lighting system enhances visibility and safety when riding in low-light conditions and is incredibly energy efficient. 

The front headlight and rear tail lights make you visible to pedestrians and drivers. This allows you to confidently navigate through various daytime and nighttime environments.


Who Should Pursue the Pride Pursuit 2.0 Mobility Scooter?

The Pride Pursuit 2.0 is a stylish long range mobility scooter from a reputable manufacturer. It is most likely to appeal to enthusiastic scooter drivers who plan to use their mobility scooter several times a week. 

This quality class 3 road legal scooter is as comfortable nipping to the local pub as it is going out for extended shopping trips, navigating busy town centres or visiting friends and family further afield. The double battery version of the Pursuit 2 provides impressive range which unlocks the possibilities of travelling much further per charge. 

Pride’s new improved seating offers enhanced comfort and support. This makes the Pursuit 2.0 a great choice for individuals with back or joint issues, ensuring everyday travels and longer outings can be enjoyed without discomfort. 

Furthermore, the scooter’s sturdy construction and ability to handle varied terrain make it attractive to those who enjoy exploring different environments, whether headed to urban areas or off-road to parks and pathways.


Features and Specifications: A Quick Overview

  • Category: Class 3 road scooter
  • Top speed: Up to 8mph (12.9 km/h)
  • Maximum user weight: 25 stone (158.7kg)
  • Dimensions: 1460mm (L) x 753mm (W) x 1410mm (H)
  • Range per charge: Up to 38.1 miles with dual battery configuration (for users weighing 200lbs)
  • Battery: 50Ah lithium battery (optional second battery available)
  • Charger: 8 amp off-board battery charger
  • Ground clearance: 96mm
  • Turning radius: 1760mm
  • Tyres: 13-inch pneumatic front and rear
  • Suspension: Front and rear
  • Braking system: Built-in electromagnetic and regenerative brakes
  • Incline rating: 10 degrees

Additional Features

  • Seating: High-back, reclining captain’s seat
  • Lighting: Complete LED lighting system as standard
  • Tiller and controls: Easily adjustable and ergonomic
  • Design: Sporty new look and 4 colour options 

In Pursuit of Perfection: Top Mobility Scooters at A6 Mobility Shop

The Pride Pursuit 2.0 is a compelling upgrade to a tried-and-true mobility solution. It offers the perfect blend of power, comfort, and safety, making every journey an enjoyable one.

To truly experience its capabilities, handling, and user-friendliness, visit A6 Mobility Shop to see and test it in person. Our knowledgeable team can guide you and ensure this model meets your specific mobility needs. If you qualify for VAT exemption due to disability or long-term illness, we’ll gladly assist you with this.

For full details or to arrange a test drive of the Pursuit 2.0, please contact us at 0161 429 6000. 

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