How a mobility scooter can improve your day to day life

A mobility scooter is a small motorised vehicle designed to provide independent movement for those who struggle with walking due to physical disabilities, age-related conditions or other issues.

Modern Mobility scooters offer greater independence and improved quality of life by allowing users to move around without assistance from others. Mobility scooters are ideal for day-to-day activities such as shopping, running errands or visiting friends.Discover the benefits of a mobility scooter with A6 Mobility Shop.


Types of Mobility Scooters

There are 2 categories of mobility scooters: class 2 and class 3.

Class 2 mobility scooters are normally smaller and either fold or disassemble to fit into a car boot. Often referred to as travel mobility scooters, class 2 models are the ideal choice for those who need a compact option when travelling shorter distances or want to take their scooter on public transportation. Class 2 scooters are ideal for storing away during transport or at home. Most scooters in this category have a lightly padded swivel seat to make getting on and off as easy as possible and width adjustable armrests.

Class 3 mobility scooters are larger, heavier and faster. These mobility scooters normally feature adjustable high back seats, more powerful motors and larger batteries. As such, they aren’t suitable for lifting into a car boot or taking on public transportation. However, they are road legal and often have a travel range of over 25 miles per charge.

Both class 2 and class 3 scooters are available in either 3 or 4-wheel designs. In most cases, A6 Mobility Shop strongly advises choosing a 4-wheel mobility scooter which will offer more balance compared to 3-wheel models. In general, 4-wheeled mobility scooters are much more stable. 3-wheel models usually have a smaller turning circle. However, modern 4-wheel scooters are much more manoeuvrable than ever before to navigate tight corners and narrow spaces.


Mobility Scooter Limits

Class 2 mobility scooters have a maximum speed of 4mph. These mobility scooters are only allowed in pedestrian areas. Most drivers of class 2 scooters use them on pavements and around shopping centres.

Class 3 mobility scooters usually have a maximum speed of 8mph. These scooters have a High / Low switch which changes their speed limit. When in ‘Low’ speed mode (i.e. up to 4mph) class 3 scooters are allowed on pedestrian areas. The ‘High’ speed setting allows them to be used on the road. It is illegal to travel faster than 4mph on a mobility scooter on pavement.


The Benefits of a Mobility Scooter

There are many benefits to using a mobility scooter in your day-to-day life, including psychological benefits and the decreased risk of fall-related injuries.

Owning a Mobility Scooter can provide users with greater freedom and independence, allowing them to participate in activities that were previously out of reach. By providing a safe and easy way to get around, mobility scooters can help you to stay active and engaged. Additionally, these devices allow for more efficient shopping trips, helping you to access shopping centres and high streets easily, as well as visits to friends or family. Using a mobility scooter may mean you’ll no longer need to rely on others for assistance day-to-day. This improved quality of life can have a positive effect on mental well-being by reducing feelings of isolation or loneliness often associated with limited mobility.

As well as providing easy access to facilities and helping to undertake longer journeys, mobility scooters can also help people socialise in the local community. As there’s little physical exertion needed when using a mobility scooter, they can be very beneficial to people who tire easily, have physical disabilities or are in recovery and don’t have their usual physical strength.

Owning a mobility scooter also has environmental benefits as it reduces the need for motor vehicles or public transport when travelling short distances such as going from one store to another in a shopping mall.


Maintenance Tips for Mobility Scooters

Battery Charging: Keeping your mobility scooter’s battery properly charged is essential to ensure it functions optimally.

Poor maintenance will cause the battery to deteriorate and reduce the travel range. This includes leaving the battery uncharged for long periods. We advise using only the authentic manufacturer’s compatible charger to avoid damage.

How to maintain your mobility scooter battery may vary depending on the type of battery – consult your scooter manual for best practice for your specific model.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Mobility scooters require regular maintenance to keep them functioning properly over time. This includes cleaning all parts such as wheels, tires, brakes, seat cushions and control panels regularly using either a mild soap or a specialist solution to protect against dirt buildup and corrosion.

Please note, Mobility scooters are not fully waterproof so NEVER use a car wash or hosepipe! Avoid getting any liquid in the electronics.

In addition, regularly checking for signs of wear or tear is advisable to address issues before they can cause further damage down the line. An annual mobility scooter service from A6 Mobility Shop in Stockport will help ensure your mobility scooter is safe and in tip-top condition. We offer mobility scooter repairs and servicing at an affordable price. Our qualified in-house engineers attend call-outs within 2 working days.


Mobility Scooters at A6 Mobility Shop

In conclusion, owning a mobility scooter is an excellent way to improve quality of life and increase independence for those who struggle with reduced levels of mobility. By offering greater freedom and convenience than what would otherwise be possible, scooters can help individuals stay active and engaged in their local communities without relying on others for assistance.

When choosing the right mobility scooter it is important to consider factors such as size, weight capacity, speed settings and battery type so that you find one that fits your needs best. Additionally, regular maintenance such as cleaning all parts thoroughly along with inspecting any moving components will help ensure optimal performance over time.

With its lightweight design and easy manoeuvrability, a mobility scooter offers users increased freedom while providing comfort throughout the journey making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to regain control of their lives.

At A6 Mobility Shop in Stockport, we can help you find the perfect, high-quality mobility scooter to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a brand-new or second-hand mobility scooter, we can help to find an ideal mobility solution for everyday use.

For more information on mobility scooters and to arrange a visit to our showroom, contact the A6 Mobility team today on 0161 429 6000.

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