Komfi Rider Mirage Mobility Scooter Review

Just in time for Summer, A6 Mobility Shop are delighted to be among the first retailers to release the brand-new Komfi Rider Mirage mobility scooter. The Mirage is a flat-folding, ultra-lightweight model. Weighing in under 15kg, this portable mobility scooter is light enough for most people to lift in and out of the car boot. 

Discover the features of this exciting new mobility scooter model and see if this is the perfect scooter choice for you. 

Komfi Rider Mirage Review

Portability and Folding

Most people who choose the Mirage will be enticed by its low weight which makes it a great choice for popping in a car boot. With a total weight under 15kg, this is classed as an ‘ultra’ light mobility scooter, making it among the lightest available. 

The scooter does not need to be disassembled. By pulling a lever, the seat folds down onto the base and lies almost completely flat to be lifted in a single piece. 

In our experience, flat-folding mobility scooters do not need to be picked up in just one heave. For those who struggle to lift, the front end of the Mirage can be propped against the boot whilst the user lifts the back end and rolls the scooter into the car. 

When folded, the Mirage easily fits into most car boots. However, it takes up more floor space than suitcase-style folding mobility scooters, such as the eFOLDi Lite or Drive Devilbiss Autofold Elite. 

Planning to take the Komfi Rider Mirage on holiday? There is a choice of 2 lithium battery options: 10Ah or 20Ah. The 10AH option is airline and cruise ship friendly, meaning you can take the battery pack on most planes and cruises. The 20AH option doubles the travel range per charge but is too large to pass airport checks. 

Komfi Rider Mirage folding mobility scooter

Travel Range / Battery Options 

The standard 10AH lithium battery pack will be large enough for most people. We predict this battery will offer a maximum of 10 miles per charge. An upgraded 20AH battery is also available, doubling the capacity to 20 miles. We took a 10AH model on our 4-mile test run and only used around half the charge proving that 8-10 miles is a reasonable expectation. 

As with all mobility scooters, the travel range can vary depending on external factors. Factors such as inclines, rough ground, frequent stops with the power on, heavier drivers, cold weather and other variables can reduce the range. 

Comfort When Riding

The Mirage features a fully padded seat and backrest which are very comfortable. On our test run, we found the cushioning to be plush and plentiful. The cushioning maintained its shape and felt comfortable for the whole 1.5-hour drive. Not all folding scooters come with armrests so these are a worthwhile inclusion. 

The Mirage does not have suspension as part of Komfi Rider’s efforts to keep the weight to a minimum. Despite the lack of suspension springs, the Mirage manages small bumps with ease thanks to its high ground clearance. This mobility scooter is not intended for rough terrain but did manage to tackle an uneven park path fairly easily. However we wouldn’t recommend using this model on rugged terrain. Pavements and solid paths are manageable but we would avoid wet grass, mud and larger bumps. 

Similar Mobility Scooter Models to The Komfi Rider Mirage

The Komfi Rider Mirage is not entirely unique. Other mobility scooters use the same ‘flat fold’ mechanism, most notably the Monarch Air and Pride GoGo MG. However, the Mirage does have features that you won’t find on the other models. A fully padded seat and backrest make this the most comfortable flat-folding scooter. Rival models have a much less padded, thinner seat cushion without full back coverage. The inclusion of a front basket and height-adjustable tiller on the Mirage are notable benefits. 

The eFOLDi Lite has a similar weight but a different folding mechanism. The eFOLDi Lite folds to the size of a small suitcase and therefore takes up less boot space. In fact, the eFOLDi Lite can fit in the footwell of most cars. However, the Mirage is significantly easier to fold and unfold. Another comparison here is the number of wheels. Whilst the Mirage has a 4-wheel configuration, the eFOLDi Lite is a 3-wheeler. Our experience tells us that the Mirage is more stable and therefore a more suitable choice for nervous or unsteady drivers. 

If you are willing to lift a heavier mobility scooter or perhaps a scooter that disassembles into 4 main pieces, you can find more comfort and range per charge. For example, the Pride Alumalite Plus can be fitted with a 30AH battery, offering over 25 miles. The Alumalite Plus also features integrated suspension for a more cushioned ride. Another alternative is the Komfi Rider Illusion which features an effective suspension package, LED headlight and foam padded full seat. The Illusion can be equipped with an impressive 34AH lithium battery pack. 

Purchase The Komfi Rider Mirage at A6 Mobility Shop

Buy Komfi Rider Mirage at A6 Mobility Shop

The Komfi Rider Mirage is an excellent portable mobility scooter. We are impressed by the inclusion of extra features not found on rival models whilst keeping the weight under 15kg. We found the padded seat to be a notable feature as well as the height adjustable tiller. 

The Mirage mobility scooter is easy to lift into the car boot and very quick to assemble. We mostly recommend this mobility scooter for shopping trips and journeys on flat pavements. 

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