eFOLDi Lite Review – A Folding Mobility Scooter

At A6 Mobility Shop, we know a thing or two about quality mobility equipment and good design, that’s why we’ve decided to share our mobility scooter reviews. One standout mobility scooter is the eFOLDi Lite. Since we started stocking eFOLDi products in 2020, we’ve been continuously impressed by the brand. 

We are especially excited by the unique and innovative design of the eFOLDi Lite—their lightest and most compact folding model. Unlike the traditional bulky nature of many mobility scooters, the eFOLDi Lite is changing the game. Let’s take a closer look at what sets it apart from the rest.

The eFOLDi Legacy: Innovation Meets Portability

The eFOLDi brand boldly challenges the limitations of conventional mobility solutions. Driven by the spirit of invention, their designs prioritise portability, user-friendliness, and a commitment to freedom. Their achievements, including the prestigious British Invention of the Year award and Sir Richard Branson’s endorsement, are a testament to the company’s innovative approach.

Introducing the eFOLDi Lite Folding Mobility Scooter

The eFOLDi Lite is the flagship of their transformative vision. This ultra-lightweight scooter exceeds expectations of what a mobility scooter can be. Its featherlight construction and intuitive folding mechanism allow you to take it virtually anywhere.

Where the eFOLDi Lite Excels

Based on our experiences and the positive feedback from our customers, here’s where the eFOLDi Lite mobility scooter truly shines:

Unmatched Portability

Undoubtedly, the eFOLDi Lite’s biggest selling point is its weight—or rather, its lack of it! At just 15kg (without the battery), it’s lighter than most suitcases. In fact, the eFOLDi Lite is one of the lightest mobility scooters in the world. 

This isn’t just a happy accident; it’s smart engineering combined with a lightweight yet very durable magnesium alloy frame. What’s also great is its compact size when folded. So, not only can you lift it easily into a car boot, but it’s guaranteed to fit into the tightest of spaces.

Travel Ready

Being in the mobility industry, we know that travel dreams can sometimes feel limited when relying on a mobility scooter. The eFOLDi Lite changes that. Its small folded size (65 x 55 x 37cm) and easily removable lithium battery comply with most major airline regulations. Moreover, the patented design allows you to clip off the wheels for an even more streamlined profile.

While checking with your chosen airline is always wise, this model is engineered with air travel in mind. However, it also makes using public transport like buses and trains significantly more accessible. This lightweight folding scooter gives users a new level of freedom to go places and do things they might have thought were off-limits.

Comfort on the Go

You might expect such a portable scooter to skimp on comfort, but we were pleasantly surprised in this case. It features a padded seat and backrest, a 4-point floating seat suspension system, and pneumatic tyres for a smoother ride than you’d anticipate on a scooter this compact. 

With its 3-wheel design, the eFOLDi Lite prioritises manoeuvrability, handling pavements and gentle inclines well. The near-silent motor and responsive magnetic brakes also enhance the overall experience.

Safety and Durability

The revolutionary design makes the eFOLDi Lite scooter impressively sturdy without sacrificing safety. Its magnesium alloy frame offers impressive strength and stability, ready to withstand the rigours of everyday use. With a low centre of gravity, you’ll feel secure and balanced on your scooter, and with a user weight limit of 120kg, it’s suitable for a wide range of individuals.


Who Is the eFOLDi Lite Best Suited For?

The eFOLDi Lite is a strong contender for individuals who prioritise portability and convenience in their mobility scooter. Its lightweight construction and compact folded size make it a great companion for daily errands, social visits, or exploring familiar places. 

This eFOLDi scooter’s travel-friendly features and airline-compliant design are significant advantages for those who frequently travel, especially by plane or public transport. The scooter’s ability to fold neatly also makes it ideal for smaller homes or cars with limited space. 

While it certainly offers comfort, it’s important to note that the eFOLDi Lite is best suited for pavements and slightly uneven surfaces. Those requiring a mobility solution for frequent, extensive travel over rough terrain should consider a more heavy-duty option.

Features and Specifications

  • Top speed: 4mph
  • Maximum user weight: 120kg (19 stone)
  • Weight: 15kg (without battery), 17kg (with battery)
  • Folded dimensions: 65 x 55 x 37cm
  • Range: Up to 10 miles (terrain and user weight dependent)
  • Battery: 10AH li-ion battery
  • Charging time: 5 hours
  • Brakes: Electro-magnetic
  • Tyres: Solid (front), pneumatic (rear)
  • Ground clearance: 7cm
  • Ignition: Thumb throttle

Additional Features

  • Brushless aluminium motor
  • LED display
  • Reversing beeper
  • Horn

Experience the eFOLDi Difference at A6 Mobility Shop

The eFOLDi Lite truly breaks the mould of traditional pavement scooters. Its portable, practical, and travel-friendly design gives you the freedom to go wherever life takes you.

At A6 Mobility Shop, we understand that choosing a mobility scooter is an important decision, and we’re here to help. We encourage you to visit us in-store for a personal test drive and to see if the eFOLDi Lite is right for you. For more information, you can also call us at 0161 429 6000.

If you’re as impressed with this lightweight mobility scooter as we are, we’ll beat any like-for-like quote, so you’re guaranteed the best price. 

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