How to Prepare Your Mobility Scooter for Winter

The winter months in the UK can make it more challenging to get out and about on your mobility scooter. But with some preparation and planning, you can ensure your scooter stays in top condition. This guide explains how to prepare your mobility scooter for winter so you can continue enjoying your independence no matter what the British weather brings.

Check the Batteries

One of the most important steps is checking your mobility scooter’s batteries. The cold weather can drain battery power faster, reducing how far you can travel between charges. With that being the case, make sure the mobility scooter batteries are always fully charged before heading out. It’s beneficial to charge batteries regularly through the winter months rather than allowing them to discharge completely and then attempting a recharge after a period of hibernation. 

Keep Batteries Warm

If you are storing your mobility scooter at home for long periods, think about where you leave your batteries. Cold corners of garages or sheds can cause batteries to lose power. Bring batteries indoors and leave them somewhere warmer to prevent issues. 

How to Handle Snow and Icy Conditions

Ice and snow present an obvious slip hazard for mobility scooters. Drive slowly and carefully in colder weather, avoiding icy patches where possible. Reduce speed even further when turning corners. If possible, ask someone to clear the snow or grit pathways you regularly use.

Tyre Care

If your tyres are worn, consider replacing them before winter sets in. If you have pneumatic tyres always keep the tyre pressure topped up to the recommended PSI, as underinflated tires have less grip.

Protect Against Rain

Wet weather is common in British winters. Invest in a mobility scooter rain or waterproof cover specifically designed to fit your make and model. This will shield your scooter’s seat, body, and electrical components, like the control panel, from rainwater. Keeping your scooter dry is crucial to prevent damage to these sensitive parts. Another tip is to wipe down your scooter after use to prevent corrosion from road salts. 

Increase Visibility

Winter’s longer nights and poor weather reduce visibility for all road users. Make sure you boost your presence to stay noticeable. Wearing high-visibility clothing helps other pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists see you. Attaching safety lights such as LED strips or flashing beacons to your scooter improves visibility even further.  

Mobility Scooter Reflectors

Check existing reflectors are not faded, damaged, or obscured. Replacing old reflectors or adding extra ones can help you stay conspicuous after dark as car lights reflect off them.

Maintenance and Servicing

It’s also important to have your scooter serviced before the winter. A thorough maintenance check ensures everything is in perfect working order to handle the demands of the colder months. A6 Mobility Shop offers excellent servicing options to ensure your scooter is winter-ready. After winter, it’s a good idea to have your scooter serviced again. Technicians will look for any signs of damage the weather may have caused and identify and repair issues. 

Store Your Mobility Scooter Safely

Finally, think about where to store your mobility scooter. Always keep your mobility scooter covered when not in use. Ideally, you should store it in a dry, warm place to protect it from the elements and prevent corrosion. 

Additional Tips for Safe Driving

  • Accelerate, turn, and brake more gently to avoid skidding on slippery surfaces.
  • Increase stopping distances to account for longer braking times on wet or icy ground.
  • Steer clear of snowdrifts that could bog down wheels.
  • Take corners wider, as less grip makes tipping more likely.
  • Avoid steep slopes and hills where possible.

Partner with A6 Mobility Shop This Winter

Preparing your mobility scooter for the winter weather doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right care, attention, and accessories, you can ensure your scooter is ready to face the British weather, come rain, snow, or icy conditions. 

At A6 Mobility Shop, we’re committed to your safety and mobility, regardless of the season. All our mobility scooters, whether new, ex-demo, or refurbished, are guaranteed for winter safety. We’re also an authorised retailer of Scooterpac Mobility Scooter Canopies, offering you the best protection against the elements. Scooterpac canopies attach to the back of your mobility scooter and can be folded away when not needed. For a permanent solution, we also offer rigid frame scooter canopies. 

Before winter truly sets in, we encourage you to arrange a mobility scooter comprehensive service. Our team of trained engineers will ensure your scooter is in top condition, ready to face the colder months. Should you need any repairs, you can rest assured knowing they will be handled by professionals who understand the importance of your mobility.


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