Scooterpac Scooter Canopy


Scooterpac Mobility Scooter Canopy


Designed to fit almost any mobility scooter, Scooterpac canopies are perfect rain protection for you and your scooter. With waterproof fabric, durable polmer sides and high clarity windscreens, these canopies are ideal for wet British conditions. Most mobility scooters are not waterproof meaning users really shouldn’t expose them to rain. Whilst a tiller cover ensures water doesn’t get into the controls and dials, other areas of the scooter, such as charging port, remain exposed. The solution? A Scooterpac mobility scooter canopy! Even better, these canopies fold away into a neat backpack that sits on the back of the seat. 


Scooterpac Mobility Scooter Canopy Features

  • Fits over 292 scooters
  • Aircraft grade rust proof aluminium frame 
  • Secure up to 40 mph 
  • 2 sizes: standard and XL options available 
  • Can be folded away into the backpack in less than a minute  
  • Waterproof fabric and durable polymer sides 
  • High clarity front screen 

Authorised Scooterpac Retailer 

A6 Mobility Shop in Stockport, Greater Manchester, are an authorised Scooterpac retailer. If you’re local, we’ll even fit your Scooterpac canopy while you wait. For further information on mobility scooter rain covers, call us on 0161 429 6000

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