Pride Colt Executive Mobility Scooter Review

At A6 Mobility Shop Stockport, we offer a wide selection of mobility equipment to suit all kinds of needs. We understand the importance of the right mobility solution to enhance your independence and quality of life, so we’re passionate about helping you make the right choice.

As an authorised stockist of Pride Mobility products in South Manchester, we take pride (pun intended) in matching many of our customers with this brand over the past 20 years. In this review, we’re shining a spotlight on the flagship of Pride’s scooter range: the impressive Pride Colt Executive. 


The Mobility Scooter Giant Behind the Model

Pride Mobility is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of mobility products, including mobility scooters, power chairs, and power lift recliners. Founded in 1986, Pride has grown into a global brand known for its commitment to innovation and high-quality products. 

As one of their largest 8mph mobility scooters, the Pride Colt Executive is a testament to the company’s focus on both power and rider comfort. 


Pride Colt Executive Mobility Scooter Review


Why the Colt Executive Impresses Us

The Colt Executive boasts advanced features and thoughtful design details. In our books, this makes it a compelling option for anyone seeking a reliable long range mobility solution. Here’s what makes it a top contender in the mobility scooter market:


Uncompromising Outdoor Performance

Take on the great British outdoors with confidence! This Pride model offers high-performance features like a hydraulic sealed brake system and full double A-arm suspension to smoothly absorb bumps and jolts. 

Coupled with 13-inch low-profile pneumatic tyres offering fantastic grip, you can enjoy a smooth, responsive, and safe ride on a variety of terrains. The Colt Executive is designed as a long range road cruiser but can easily handle uneven park paths and other rugged terrain. 


Comfort and Convenience in a Stylish Package

The Colt Executive puts the user experience front and centre. The wraparound delta tiller allows for easy steering, while the plush captain’s seat, featuring a pillow-top style and full adjustability, invites you to relax and truly enjoy your journey. Standard luxury touches like a front basket and rear view mirror add another layer of convenience.

However, Pride Mobility isn’t just focused on the practicalities. This premium unit boasts a sleek and stylish design with clean lines and a contoured body, complemented by a choice of three contemporary colours.


Unmatched Power and Range for Extended Journeys

This mobility monster offers a potent blend of power and precision and is designed for those who demand more from their mobility scooter. It boasts the largest batteries fitted to any road-legal scooter from Pride. These 100-Ah batteries serve up a remarkable long travel range – perfect for everyday short journeys and full day trips alike. 

Additionally, its powerful motor delivers speeds of up to 8mph, ensuring you maintain a comfortable speed even on longer treks. 


Safety and Visibility at the Forefront

A mobility scooter should be as safe as it is capable, and the Colt Executive ticks all the boxes. The full LED lighting package, including directional signals and a large headlight, increases your visibility to others and illuminates your path in low-light conditions.

 Plus, the responsive hydraulic sealed brake system provides superior confidence, especially on those steeper inclines. Finally, the scooter’s carrying capacity of up to 28.8 stone attests to its durability and quality build.


Who Is the Perfect Match for the Pride Colt Executive?

This high-end model is an excellent choice for those seeking a premium, heavy-duty mobility scooter. Its high-performance features, like full suspension and large terrain-gripping pneumatic tyres, make it ideal for tackling a range of daily outdoor adventures. 

So, if you’re looking for something to use on nature trails or for neighbourhood errands—or both on the same day—the Colt Executive is a top contender with its impressive range. Taller or heavier riders will also appreciate the spacious, reinforced frame and 28.8 stone capacity. 


Features and Specifications: A Quick Overview

  • Category: Road-legal Class 3
  • Maximum speed: Up to 8mph (12.9km/h)
  • Maximum user weight: 28 stone 8lbs (181kg)
  • Dimensions: 1422mm (L) x 692mm (W) x 1346-1435mm (H)
  • Batteries: 2 x 100 Ah deep-cycle lead acid batteries
  • Ground clearance: 89mm at motor
  • Turning radius: 1905mm 
  • Tyres: Front and rear – 330mm (13”) pneumatic, low-profile tyres
  • Suspension: Front and rear double A-arm suspension
  • Brakes: Regenerative and electromechanical

Additional Features

  • Captain’s seat with pillow-top style design
  • Basket and rear view mirror come standard
  • Full lighting package with indicators
  • Adjustable delta tiller bar
  • Black, grey, or yellow colour options
  • Plenty of scooter accessories available


All-Terrain Adventures Await at A6 Mobility Shop

The Pride Colt Executive is the ultimate outdoor scooter. It promises (and delivers) extended journeys, smooth handling across varying terrains, and luxurious comfort, making it one of A6 Mobility Shop’s standout 8mph models.

With decades of experience as a trusted Pride Mobility dealer, you can be confident you’re getting the best advice and support from our team. If you’re in the Greater Manchester area, stop by our Stockport showroom to view and test drive the Colt Executive. Our friendly staff can show you other great options to help you find the right product for your needs. 

Start your mobility adventure and contact us today!

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