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Riser recliner chairs are electronically adjustable armchairs that both recline back and also help the user onto their feet by lifting them up. They are perfect for people who struggle to get in or out of a normal chair. With so many options available, this handy checklist should help you narrow down your search and find a suitable chair.  

Warranty / Build Quality
As with all things, you get what you pay for. The same is absolutely true with riser recliner chairs. The warranty of a chair is usually linked to the quality (i.e. a manufacturer is more inclined to offer a longer warranty on a better quality product that will last for a long time). For example, our British made Pride Hudson chairs have a 5 year warranty on the electronics and mechanism where most manufacturers normally offer just 12 months. We recommend buying a quality chair that will stand the test of time and provide years of comfort.


Motor Types

There are 2 main types of riser recliner chairs: single motor and dual motor. Both types will recline and bring the use to their feet, although they do vary in their functionality.

Single motor chairs have just 1 motor that operates the leg rest and backrest together. The benefit of this chair style is that they are usually the least expensive. However be aware that, because the back and leg rest move together, it is impossible to move one without the other. A single motor chair does not allow the user to sit upright with the leg rest up or visa versa, so seating positions are limited and sometimes uncomfortable for watching TV, reading a book, etc.

Dual motor chairs offer much more variation in seating position. The back and leg rest are easily operated using different buttons and the 2 motors work independently so the user can adjust their seating to find the perfect position. Although dual motor riser recliner chairs can be a little more costly, they are usually endlessly more comfortable than a single motor alternative.

Alongside single and dual motor, there are further variation such as tilt in space mechanism, electronically adjustable lumbar support or electronically adjustable head cushion. You can try all of these for yourself at A6 Mobility Shop, Stockport riser recliner chair specialists. 


Modern furniture is often too low and too soft. All to often we buy with our eyes and choose furniture that may be bad for our posture. We strongly recommend sitting in a chair before you buy it to make sure it provides enough support. Quality riser recliner chairs are made with firm, supportive cushions that provide long term comfort. 


Our British made riser recliner chairs can be made to order in hundreds of fabrics, leathers, anti microbial materials and much more. Why not choose an upholstery to match your existing living room furniture? Or try something completely different that stands out? Visit our showroom to browse our swatch books and find something that suits you.  




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