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New wheelchairs from £175

 As with most things, wheelchairs have developed and improved enormously over recent years. New materials have reduced weight dramatically. Also wheelchairs are simple to fold enabling easier transportation or storage.


There are two basic types of wheelchair, self propell and transit.
As the name suggests, self propell wheelchairs are propelled by the user himself, but can also be pushed by a strong companion! Self propell wheelchairs are distingushed by the two large rear wheels, transit wheelchairs cannot be propelled by the user, only by a strong companion. Transit chairs tend to be smaller, take up less space and are easier to fit into the boot of a car.
Standard wheechairs are made from steel and can be heavy to push and to put into a car boot. Lighter weight wheelchairs may cost a little more but will make life easier, please bear this in mind when choosing your wheelchair.
User weight
Standard wheelchairs have a safe working load (SWL) of 115kg (18st) If the user requires a stronger chair, heavy duty or “bariatric” wheelchairs are available with a SWL of up to 235kg (36st).
Seat size
The size of the seat is very important. Too small and it may be uncomfortable, too large and it will not offer enough support.
Seat size is measured in width and depth, most wheelchairs are available in different sizes, or can be custom made. We offer an expert sizing service.
Seat height
Seat height is also important, too low and the users feet may drag, too high and the user may have problems getting in or out of the wheelchair. Seat cushions are recomended, especially for users who may spend significant amount of time in thier wheelchair or for users who may be prone to presure sores.
Armrests provide support fot arms and shoulders.There are four types to choose from: Fixed, adjustable, removable and swing-away. There are also different arm lengths, full and desk length.


There is a complete range of accessories available to help you enjoy your wheelchair. Cushions for comfort or presure relief. Capes, to keep you warm and dry. Wheelchair bags, walking stick holders etc. Please call and view our complete range of wheelchair accessories.

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