Pride Jazzy 600 ES Powerchair Review – Top 5 Things We Like About the Pride 600 ES

Real user review of the Pride Jazzy 600 ES powerchair with our friend, Chris. In this review we investigate which features make the 600 ES such a great choice for everyday use… 

The Pride Mobility powerchair range is renowned for its quality, good looks and innovation. With a powerchair for every need, Pride have become one of the world’s best manufacturers with models such as the ultra-portable iGo Lite, the elevating Jazzy Air 2 and the Fusion 2 which features an electrically tilting seat.

The Pride Jazzy 600 ES is a fantastic all-round choice. With its thickly padded adjustable seat and chunky Active-Trac ATX suspension, the 600 ES is as comfortable as any other. A pair of 50AH batteries ensure a long travel range whilst the mid-wheel drive design means it can turn in the tightest spaces. The Pride Jazzy 600 ES is a superb powerchair but don’t just take our word for it, here’s a review from one of our regular customers…

Pride Powerchair review

If you’re in and around Stockport and never seen ‘friend of the shop’ and ‘larger than life top hat enthusiast’ Chris, where have you been?! You can always spot Chris speeding around Stockport on a powerchair in one of his colourful stylish hats. (54 hats in Chris’ ever-growing collection at the time of writing…)

Chris has recently upgraded from a Shoprider Lugano powerchair to the Pride Jazzy 600 ES, complete with weather protection canopy. Here are Chris’ top 5 features of his new powerchair:

1.     Suspension: The large ATX suspension springs make a huge difference to the comfort of the chair, especially on uneven pavements. The jolts and shudders I would usually feel from bumps are greatly reduced which is a big benefit.

2.     Seat: The seat is really comfy! It has really thick padding and feels supportive which is important if you’re in the powerchair for hours at a time.

3.     Turning: This powerchair is shorter than my previous model but doesn’t feel much smaller when I’m driving it. It also has a tighter turning circle which is great for going in shops.

4.     Looks: I love the way the Pride 600 ES looks, especially in black. It looks sleek, modern and sophisticated. 

5.     Encased Castors: The 600 ES features ‘Omni-Castor’ technology. This means the non-drive wheels have a cover on either side which prevents the tyres separating from the castors, something I’ve had issues with previously on older model powerchairs. 

And lastly, a few kind words from Chris about his favourite mobility shop… 

“The staff at A6 Mobility Shop Stockport are kind, friendly and helpful. I’ve had a few things from them including my powerchair and electric bed. I always get great advice and very fair pricing. Not to mention the ongoing technical support from their engineers.” 

Thanks Chris! 

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