Pride Baja Bandit Mobility Scooter Review

We are thrilled to be among the first retailers to release the brand new Pride Baja Bandit – a first-of-its-kind 8mph scooter that disassembles to fit into a car boot. 

The Baja Bandit is an all-terrain model based on the popular Pride Revo. The Revo is Pride’s largest boot scooter and a customer favourite because of its spacious seat, roomy footplate, long travel range and comfort on pavements. Packed with new features, the Baja Bandit takes the Revo to a new level. We’re going to find out how comfortable, practical and fun this new model is to live with. 


Pride Baja Bandit Review

On and Off Road Comfort 

This Pride Baja Bandit is designed to tackle both rugged terrain and everyday road surfaces with ease. Features include high ground clearance, full suspension package, front and rear bumper bars, suspension seat post and new style sliding padded seat. 

We tested the Baja Bandit on uneven pavements, loose stones and muddy park paths and found the suspension extremely effective at reducing vibrations from bumps and jolts. The new style padded seat is among our favourite features. The high density foam and shape of the seat cushions feels supportive even after a long drive. We also found the LED lighting to be very useful when travelling on the road, especially at dusk. The powerful front and rear lights are brighter than we see on many other models. The wrap around handlebars are comfortable on the hands and are an especially valuable feature for those with arthritis and sore joints.

Overall, this is a very comfortable mobility scooter for both everyday use and more adventurous trips. 


Batteries and Travel Range 

The Baja Bandit is exclusively available with lithium battery packs in either 20AH or 40AH capacities. 

We expect the smaller option to provide around 15 miles per charge. Our showroom model is fitted with the upgraded 40AH lithium battery pack offering up to 30 miles range per charge – impressive! 

The scooter can be charged when assembled or the battery pack can be removed and charged separately. This is especially useful for those that choose to leave the scooter in their car and take just the battery pack inside for charging. 



Whilst the Pride Baja Bandit isn’t a lightweight boot scooter, it is the first of its kind as a portable 8mph (class 3) model. Traditionally class 3 scooters are far too heavy and bulky to fit in a normal sized car boot. However, the Baja Bandit disassembles into 4 main pieces: seat, rear axle, footbed / tiller and battery pack. Each piece is manageable by itself; these can be stacked into a car boot and take up less space than the full footprint of the assembled scooter. 

If you only plan to quickly lift a scooter in and out of the car boot for half an hour at the supermarket, this probably isn’t the model for you. If you’re loading up the scooter for a day at a National trust property or to tackle uneven park paths – definitely consider this model. 


Style and Looks 

The Pride Baja Bandit is a modern, stylish mobility scooter. The front wheel arch mounted LED lights and bumper bars create a rugged off-road appearance. 

This mobility scooter is available in 2 brand new matt colourways from Pride: Tan Brown and Sage Green. 


Is the Pride Baja Bandit a Good Mobility Scooter? 

In short – yes! The Baja Bandit is an excellent mobility scooter. The Baja Bandit takes all the best features from the much-loved Pride Revo and adds even more comfort, style and fun. 

This is a great choice for those who need to need to lift a large scooter into their car boot and tackle uneven terrain. Its cruises on the road at 8mph, feels comfortable on pavements at 4mph and tackles pathways in parks and National Trust properties very easily. 

Visit our mobility scooter showroom in stockport to see the brand new Pride Baja Bandit all terrain mobility scooter for yourself! 



Pride Baja Bandit Mobility Scooter


Pride Baja Bandit Features: 

  • High ground clearance (4.45” at mid-footplate) 
  • Full suspension package – front and rear suspension 
  • Suspension seat post 
  • LED front and rear lighting 
  • Front and rear bumper bars 
  • New style sliding padded seat with shaped cushions 
  • 9.4” puncture proof tyres with body coloured wheels 
  • On and offboard charging capability 
  • USB charging port on tiller 
  • Batteries: Either 20AH or 40AH lithium (Estimated 15 or 30 miles per charge) 
  • Maximum user weight: 28 stone 8lbs 
  • Maximum speed: 8mph 
  • Length: 126cm 
  • Width: 71cm 
  • Available in Tan Brown or Sage Green 


For more information on our mobility scooter range and finding the right mobility scooter for you, contact the A6 Mobility team today on 0161 429 6000.

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