Discover Mobility Scooter Accessories

If you own a mobility scooter or are considering investing in one, it’s important to understand the range of accessories available to customise and enhance your riding experience. 

With the right accessories, you can boost comfort, convenience, and safety when getting around on your scooter. 

Put Safety First

Using appropriate mobility scooter accessories is crucial for safe scooting. Here are some top safety accessories:


Rear-view mirrors dramatically improve spatial awareness and blind spot visibility. Choose a style that suits your mobility scooter model, from compact circular mirrors to wide-angle variants.

Reflectors and Flags

Reflectors on your scooter catch and reflect light so you remain visible to traffic. High-visibility vertical flags also boost your presence on pavements and roads alike. These accessories are essential for keeping safe on days with limited visibility or when travelling at night.

Lights and Indicators  

For scooting after dark, good lighting is a legal requirement for Class 3 mobility scooters. As well as front and rear lights, indicators are useful to signal your manoeuvres to others. Some all-in-one light kits feature indicators, brake lights, and even hazard lights.


Mobility scooter horns can be essential safety tools, especially in crowded areas or poor visibility conditions. They alert pedestrians and motorists to your scooter’s presence and potentially prevent accidents.


Secure Your Scooter

Mobility scooters are a valuable investment, so protecting them from theft is vital. These are two excellent options:


Security cables and locks, cover locks, and ground anchors deter would-be thieves and offer welcome peace of mind when leaving your scooter unattended.


Anti-theft alarms emit an extremely loud siren if someone tries to steal or tamper with your mobility scooter.


Stay Protected from the Elements

Using your mobility scooter all year round means you’ll inevitably encounter some wet and windy weather. Protect yourself from the elements with these accessories:

  • All-weather canopies: These are essential for shielding riders from rain and wind. Canopies come in various styles, including full enclosures for complete protection and bimini tops for more open coverage. Choose from permanent rigid frame canopies or fold away styles that can fit onto the back of the seat when not in use. 
  • Weatherproof storage covers: A heavy-duty cover is perfect for when the scooter is not in use, protecting it from rain, snow, and frost.
  • Control panel covers: These specialised covers protect the mobility scooter’s electronics from getting wet, which is crucial for both the safety and longevity of the scooter.
  • Scooter clothing: This includes waterproof ponchos and capes specifically designed for mobility scooter users. They are often easy to put on and take off and provide ample coverage.
  • Leg wraps and lap blankets: Insulated and waterproof, these accessories provide warmth and prevent the user’s lower body from getting wet on cold, damp days.


Carry More Belongings

You’ll likely want to use your scooter for shopping trips and days out, so carrying some belongings is a must. Here are some great storage options:

Front Baskets

Front baskets hook onto the front tiller area below the handlebars of your scooter and are ideal for smaller purchases or personal belongings. 

Some larger scooters even enable you to attach baskets to the side or rear, so you can cart all your items around with ease.

Rear Storage Boxes

A rear storage box or pannier box offers ample loading space for larger purchases and goods. Often made of durable plastic, these sturdy boxes are secure, lockable and weatherproof. 


Enhance Comfort

Using accessories designed for comfort can make longer journeys much more pleasant:

  • Suspension seat posts: Only available on some models. Fitted between the seat and scooter frame, these posts provide shock absorption to smooth out bumps, jolts, and vibrations when driving over uneven ground.
  • Cushions and seat pads: Available in various shapes and sizes, cushions and seat pads make for a softer, more comfortable seat. Some feature gel inserts or memory foam for superior pressure relief.
  • Armrest covers: Soft padded armrest covers add a layer of cushioning to prevent soreness on bare skin. They are made of plush fabrics and simply slip over existing armrests for quick and easy fitting.


Stay Powered Up

Consider a car charger, allowing you to charge your scooter whilst on the road. 

You can also invest in a second battery pack to double your range. Swapping batteries on portable scooters only takes a few seconds, so you need never worry about the dreaded low-battery beep again. This is an especially useful idea if your scooter has a lightweight lithium battery, meaning a back-up battery pack is small enough to carry with you. 

If you have a larger scooter which does not have a removable battery box, it may be possible to upgrade the size of your batteries for a longer travel range per charge. 


Simplify Transport 

Transporting mobility scooters can be made much easier with the right accessories, including:

  • Ramps: These portable inclined platforms create a smooth path for rolling your scooter up and down, eliminating the need for lifting.
  • Hoists: Hoists are vehicle-mounted mechanical cranes that are compact and designed to fit seamlessly into vehicles. They allow you to raise and stow your scooter with ease.


Additional Accessories for Convenience

Some other helpful mobility scooter extras include:

  • Mobile phone and tablet holders
  • Walking stick holders
  • Oxygen and ventilator carriers
  • Lap trays
  • Cup holders
  • USB chargers


What to Consider When Choosing Accessories

With so many mobility scooter accessories available, deciding what’s essential or merely a nice extra can be tricky. Consider your individual needs and how you use your scooter to determine which accessories will be most valuable. 

For example, if you use your mobility scooter primarily for shopping trips and days out, storage solutions allow you to carry more items. If you’ll be scooting in all weather conditions, focus on weather protection accessories to stay snug and dry. 

Where possible, try accessories before buying them to ensure they fit your scooter properly and suit your needs. It’s also wise to check any maximum load capacities to prevent overloading.


A6 Mobility Shop: Your Ally in Accessories and Mobility Solutions

Investing in the right accessories helps you gain full benefit from your mobility scooter. As a leading mobility equipment supplier since 1992, A6 Mobility Shop is passionate about assisting customers in regaining their independence. 

We offer an extensive range of top-quality new and refurbished mobility scooters and affordable accessories, like scooter canopies, batteries, and portable ramps. 

Our team will gladly advise you on compatible accessories for your mobility scooter make and model. Call us at 0161 429 6000 for more information, or head to our Stockport Mobility Shop for personalised advice.

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