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Riser, Recliner Chairs

Riser, Recliner Chairs from £575

What is a riser recliner chair?
A riser, recliner chair is mains powered and can raise the user to a standing position and with the press on a button assist to gently lower the user to a seated or a more reclined position, the legs can also be elevated. When the user needs to stand, the simple press of a button will assist the user to a standing position.


There are two basic versions to choose from.
One motor or two motor!
The basic difference is that with the one motor version the leg rest will raise at the same time the back reclines.
With the version with two motors the back and leg rest can be operated independently, so you can watch TV, and not the ceiling, with your legs raised.

Do I need Riser,recliner?                            If you have difficulty getting out of a chair then a riser, recliner chair would assist you to stand.
If you suffer from swollen ankles or legs, ariser recliner chair would help to reduce swelling by raising your legs.
Why struggle?
As we get older and less mobile, more time is spent sitting in a chair, make sure you are comfortable. Our chairs are available in different styles, sizes, colours, fabrics, even leather and wipe down, waterproof materials!

Things to consider!

Because riser chairs are electronically powered, they need to be positioned next to or near to a plug socket.

A gap of 18″ is required at the back of the chair to prevent the chair back comming into contact with the wall

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